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About Dave Halls

Dave Halls is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and musician.

Dave’s new book Bullseye! draws on more than twenty years’ experience as a communication expert to show how anyone can become a great communicator. The book outlines Dave’s framework for formulating a tight message and delivering it to the audience in the best available medium.

As Dr Joe Vitale writes in the foreword to Dave’s book “Bullseye! takes the mystery out of what makes great communication and shows you the steps to become a great communicator”.

Dave has worked and consulted in the corporate world for many years and is responsible for delivering all sorts of communication pieces. From documents and complex web sites through to presentations and video. He has developed communication strategies for large projects and taught communication to many people from the ground up to senior leadership levels.

Dave is also an accomplished jazz musician. For many years the late Sydney jazz icon Serge Ermoll mentored Dave. Under Serge’s direction he played his first major concert at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre in 1995, with a band featuring Warwick Alder, Steve Elphick, Simon Barker and Mark Simmons.

He later shared the piano stool in a number of Serge’s bands and collaborated with Serge on a number of projects including co-writing an article on the Ermollian approach to creative improvisation for the Sounds Australia Journal.

Dave launched his debut Jazz album Walking Home in 2001 before a packed crowd at Sydney’s famous Soup Plus. His latest album Burning Time features an eclectic mix of original compositions by Dave. The title Burning Time captures the idea of timelessness – where the pressures of the world and limits of time become irrelevant whilst enjoying a great moment. It was through moments of “burning time” that Dave was inspired to write the music on this album.

As a director and managing partner of Halls Global and Halls Digital, Dave helps entrepreneurs and small businesses to develop the right messaging, communication skills and ability to leverage the power of the Internet in building success for their business. is part of Halls Global Limited.

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